How is the hot tub filled?

Your tub can be filled with hot or cold water from an outside tap, or with an adaptor from your kitchen or bathroom. You will need to supply the hose pipe and fill the tub yourself. We have some tap adaptors for inside taps, but please bear in mind they do not fit all taps.

What is the temperature of the hot tub?

The hot tubs heat up to 40 degrees – they can be made cooler if desired.

How long does it take for the inflatable hot tub to be setup?

It takes around 30mins to setup and from 2 to 3 hours to fill the hot tub with water, depending on your water pressure.

Are your hot tubs safe for children?

Yes as long as supervised by an adult at all times. We recommend children that can not swim/ touch the floor of the hot tub wear arm bands / swimming float.

What do you need from me to setup the hot tubs?

Level surface just over 2.5  x 2.5 meters, and a tap and power supply within 10 metres.

When will you deliver the hot tub?

We will deliver the hot tub on your chosen date at a time to suit you. We will contact you close to your booking date to arrange a time.

How long does the hot tub stay hot for?

The hot tub will stay comfortably warm for up to 4 hours if being used, dependent on outside temperature and bubble usage. The heater will run continuously unless using the bubbles to maintain the temperature for as long as possible.

How do I book a hot tub?

You can check availability and book directly through our website on our booking page, which you can find by clicking here.

Can I use the hot tub indoors?

Only outdoor use, sorry! Trust us, it’s for your home’s safety!

Can the hot tubs fit through a narrow passage?

As the hot tubs are inflatable there will be up problem setting up anywhere you want. We will inflate the hot tub once you are happy with where you want to put it.

How long can I book for?

You can book for a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 20 days. If you prefer the tub were collected earlier just let us know in the notes section of the booking page, however the price will remain the same.

What do you do with the water afterwards?

Please pull the plug or siphon the water before we arrive (click here to watch a video on how to do it).

How much do they cost to fill up with water and run with electricity?

We’ve calculated on average it will cost just over £3 of water on the metre, and £2 on your electricity bill for every 24 hours of running time.

Where do you deliver to?

An additional delivery charge may be required to cover petrol, staffing & time cost, due to the large area we cover.

Please click here to view all delivery postcodes & charges.

We are sorry, we do not deliver to postcodes that are not listed on the sheet above.

When do you collect the hot tub?

We will collect the hot tub before 5pm on the last day of your booking. We will empty the tub, collect the equipment and be out of your hair in around 30 minutes.

I’ve changed my mind, can I cancel?

We understand that sometimes plans change, or unforeseen circumstances arise, therefore if you wish to cancel 2 weeks before your booking date you will receive a full refund of your hot tub hire deposit. If you cancel after this time you may lose your deposit.

Is there a damage deposit?

We do not take a damage deposit on delivery, however by agreeing to our terms and conditions and booking with you, if the hot tub or equipment are damaged in any way you will be liable for the costs of repair up to £250.

Is there anything I need to do to maintain the hot tub?

You will need to add certain chemicals to the water to maintain it’s quality if you are booking over a few days. We will provide full instructions and demonstrate what you need to do to ensure you get the most fun out of your hot tub!

How do I pay?

All bookings are completed through our online booking system. It’s really simple – you select the days you wish to rent the tub, enter your details and secure the booking with a deposit of only £20. The remaining balance is to be paid cash on delivery.

How many people can fit in a tub?

Our tubs will fit 8 adults comfortably.

What happens if it rains?

There is nothing better than being sat in a steamy hot tub with the rain coming down. The rain shouldn’t be a concern for the hot tub.

Do you hire gazebos?

You can add a pop-up style 3 metre x 3 metre gazebo at the checkout for an additional £40, or £50 if you would like side panels too. Gazebo hire must be on grass to be pegged securely down.

Select one by adding one on the “Add a Gazebo?” section on the booking form.

Who is liable for any damages?

The booking party will be held liable for any damages. Please read our terms and conditions thoroughly to avoid any doubt.

What chemicals are used in the hot tub?

Chlorine is used to keep the water clean and healthy. If you hire for a longer than a week, additional pH adjusters may need to added. However, full training will be provided, with demonstrations, on how to maintain your hot tub throughout the time it is with you.

Are your hot tubs cleaned?

Our hot tubs are thoroughly cleaned at the end of each booking. Whilst the tub is being emptied we will complete a deep clean of the tubs sides and floor.

Do you deliver to holiday homes?

No sorry! We only deliver to customer’s own homes. This is due to the difficulties we have faced previously with arranging deliveries and collections.

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